Charlotte Poésie

An event agency, between poetry and alchemy

Charlotte Poésie is a wedding & event planner – designer agency, which celebrates weddings, and also simple, happy, unique or original events.
You can count on our 10 year expertise in event project management and communication and on our pronounced taste for design and decoration to organize key and tailor-made events.

We work in full transparency and we do no take additional margins or any compensation for the services provided by other suppliers. We post our prices on our website. We provide other supplier quotations directly on your behalf. We do our job by passion.

We work to transcribe your story, sublimate the experience and pass on the emotion. We are driven by the desire to design events that are both “beautiful” and “good”, so that the ephemeral leaves an authentic print.

We are eco-sensitive and we do our utmost to offset the carbon footprint of events through small gestures. We are committed to the benefit of the planet and people, for the benefit of Life.

People are at the heart of your event. Our partners and technical and artistic providers are carefully selected from local professionals, as far as possible, and in all cases, experienced.
First and foremost, an event is born from a meeting and beyond skills, it is a matter of feeling…