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Their experience with Charlotte Poésie, more than words…

The most important day in our life deserves to make the best decisions. During the organisation of a wedding, there are so many options that it’s hard to agree on everything. The easiest and most useful decision to make was to hire Charlotte Poésie. […]

Charlotte knows very well all the suppliers in the region. She has great ideas, she negotiates seriously and above all she listens and conciliates all opinions.

1. We are an intercultural Parisian couple, she is French, he is Mexican.
2. We decided to get married in a small village, near Bordeaux, for family reasons of the bride.
3. The request was made in December, the wedding was scheduled for April of the following year.

It’s only three sentences but they presented a huge challenge in organizing the event. From the first meeting, Charlotte listened to us and understood the story we wanted to tell on the wedding day. She did not only succeed to marry us religiously but she also married the two cultures: from colors and flavors to sounds and atmospheres. She allowed the 100 Mexicans present to feel at home while giving them a fantastic taste of Bordeaux. Likewise, the 100 French people present celebrated a Mexican wedding without having to leave their country. All this in a record time of 4 months. Charlotte’s entire management of all providers and details on D-Day allowed us to experience and fully enjoy our wedding day.
We cannot find the words to thank Charlotte Poésie enough for her great work. It was months of intense work that no one else could have done with as much passion as she did. Professionalism, seriousness, confidence, openness, accessibility and good ideas are the elements you need to organize the most important party for your couple and the elements that you will find in Charlotte. Thank you for everything ! 

Un grand merci à Charlotte d’avoir organisé le mariage de nos rêves en seulement 5 mois et à distance !

A big thank you to Charlotte for organizing the wedding of our dreams in just 5 months and remotely! A real professionalism thanks to which we were able to apprehend this day with serenity. Charlotte takes the time to listen and understand our expectations, without putting pressure on anything and at the same time, who is able to advise us, guide us in our choices, a true quality!

Everything was perfect, a decoration to die for, the development of the day was perfectly mastered. All our guests and the other providers were delighted and impressed with the work done.

Once again bravo and thank you Charlotte, you are at the top!

We called on the Charlotte Poésie agency for our wedding in 2018 in the Dordogne region. She perfectly transcribed our personalities, our desires during our wedding day. The challenge was significant: the place had to be sublime, and be able to accommodate a maximum of guests (more than half at least)… 42 places questioned, 4 visited and 2 favorites…

Everyone was charmed, including little personalized details to make a wink to our natal region. We still get compliments about this day and awesome brunch.

We will never forget her kindness, her very good advices, and her professionalism! We highly recommend her. To all the future brides and grooms, a wedding-planner is the chance to enjoy fully and keep only positive souvenirs of this wonderful day!

Charlotte was a very good listener from start to finish. Thanks to her we accessed a full address book, original and delicate ideas that we would never had. On D-day everything was done according to our wishes and what we had in mind.

Charlotte put her creativity, her professionalism and her refined taste at your service. So, on D-day you just have to live and enjoy fully this magical moment.